Microsoft cloud licensing

Single-Vendor Economics

According to market research firm IDC, your customers are looking for a one-stop shop:

  • 67% of customers expect to purchase a wide variety of cloud services from a single vendor
  • 84% of customers want an established relationship with a vendor to trust them as their Cloud Service Provider

Right now, in the case of public cloud technologies like Office 365 and Azure, this demand is soaring. Businesses everywhere are looking to these technologies to give them the adaptability they need to streamline and optimize their IT services using a subscription model.

To you, this means working with SLMS Hosting to expand your current offerings to include more of the services your customers want, with less risk of them switching to a more full-service provider.

how Microsoft cloud licensing benefits you

How Can Microsoft CSP Benefit You?

Participation in Microsoft CSP means:

  • Your customers will contact you directly regarding their business software needs
  • You can provision, manage, and support your customers directly using in-product tools
  • You manage and control the billing cycle
  • You can creatively market to integrate, attach, and upsell services in your existing accounts

Sounds daunting? Don’t worry—SLMS Hosting will be there to help you get started taking your business to the next level.