HR Market Growth Opportunities for IT Service Providers

IT service providers are realizing there is a significant opportunity in the HR vertical market because of a number of changes taking place to the business environments within HR organizations, such as migration to the cloud and the replacement of legacy systems. Download this free paper authored by the team from HPE SLMS to learn:
  • What are the biggest drivers of HR leaders replacing legacy IT?
  • Where are market expansion opportunities for IT service providers?
  • Which solutions are in demand by IT service providers?
  • What are the business cases for becoming an organization’s IT partner?


Software Licensing Compliance & Healthcare Organizations: The Rise of Software Audits

Software and application licensing is changing fast, and if you are part of a large healthcare institution that offers smaller, unaffiliated clinics access to its EMR system or third-party applications, your organization may be at serious financial risk. Download this free paper authored by the team from HPE SLMS to learn:
  • Why more audits than ever are taking place within healthcare organizations.
  • How to properly license software and applications.
  • How to differentiate between internal and external users.
  • What happens if a violation takes place.
  • How the hosted software licensing team at HPE SLMS can help you ensure software licensing compliance and avoid a costly audit.
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